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Landscape Design - Homeowner DIY Project

The Bridgewater's

How would you describe your experience with Reyone International?
Ayanna was instrumental in helping us to achieve our dream backyard. She took the time to listen to our likes and dislikes and did amazing job with taking our vision from paper to reality.

How does having your vision & dream come to live make you feel?
It’s truly amazing to step outside and see how our vision came to life. Our backyard is the perfect place for us escape. We love that we don’t have to travel far away from home to experience peace.

What made you want to tackle the project on your own?
We purchased a spec home in a brand new community. By the time we found and fell in love with our home, the builder had already picked out all of the design options so we didn’t get a chance to personalize our home further. We also briefly entertained purchasing a fixer upper but decided to go the new build route instead. We wanted to tackle the backyard on our own just because it would give us a small dose of sweat equity that we missed out on by not pursuing a fixer upper and it also gave an opportunity to have more autonomy with the final design. 

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